Month in Review: March, 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Late March is typically the beginning of 花見 (Cherry Blossom viewing) here in Japan. However, with recent worldwide health concerns, some (including my wife and I) are missing out on one of the most beautiful Japanese traditions, and instead, actively practicing the government-recommended social distancing.

For me, this self-quarantining for COVID-19 has resulted in more gaming than usual (a silver-lining, I guess, if there is such a thing). In fact, I have played each of the last 3 weekends and you can read my thoughts and experience on each played game in my Best in Show episodes.

In this article, I will cover more general stats, rankings, and highlights from my March in gaming.

By The Numbers

March Game Stats

Total Plays: 18

Unique Games Played: 12

1st Time Plays: 6

Most Played: Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (3), Witness (3)

Most Frequent Player Count: 4

Longest: Pax Pamir 2nd Edition (210 Minutes)

Shortest: Witness (10 Minutes)

* Highest Ranked: Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (2)

* Lowest Ranked: Philadelphia (Unranked)

* Most Complex: Pax Pamir 2nd Edition (3.7)

* Simplest: Drop It (1.14)

March Averages

Average Player Count: 3.1

Average Length: 62.5 Minutes

* Average Complexity: 2.32

* Average Rating: 7.6

* Average Rank: 1697

My Average Rating: 7.3

* = Data obtained from Board Game Geek

Full List of Games Played (# of plays)

* = 1st time plays

My Top 5 Ranked Games for March, 2020:

  1. De Vulgari Eloquentia (9)

  2. Drop It (8.5)

  3. Electropolis (8.5)

  4. Formosa Tea (8)

  5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (8)

Biggest Surprises

I expected to like De Vulgari Eloquentia, but I did not expect it to be at the top of this list. I was definitely on board with the theme and the mechanics but really surprised me was just how smoothly it plays. That is how it earned my top rating for the month. Check out more details about what I loved here.

Similar to De Vulgari Eloquentia, my enjoyment of Electropolis is very much related to how smooth it plays. I love a game that offers a lot of meaty decisions without bogging you down with rules. Electropolis does just that. For more on this game, click here.

Biggest Letdowns

Pax Pamir 2nd Edition is a game that I've had extremely high expectations for and I have yet to have a really good experience with it. Perhaps it is that expectation that is causing it to repeatedly fall flat. I can sense that it is a great game and I haven't written it off quite yet despite my less than stellar experiences with it. In spite of this, it is probably the one I am most looking forward to trying again. Read a deeper analysis of this one here.

Space Alert is a game that has a lot of things I like, but I just find myself overwhelmed by the fiddliness of it. Check out more about my thoughts here.

Moving Forward

I hope to keep the game-playing trend up in April, but more than anything I hope that the worldwide struggles start to significantly improve.

Until next time,

Stay safe and healthy.

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